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About Hosting

About Hosting

Postby Riiupw F. Afrass » June 30th, 2020, 3:13 pm

To us, a good host family is one that takes a real interest in the student and does all they can to make their brief stay in England worthwhile. Hosts and families are all different , what matters most is your willingness to reach out to the student and make them feel welcome. And while it’s nice to have the additional income that a student brings, we hope that isn’t your only reason.

Our host families ensure:
To do all they can to make the student feel welcome and to help them make the most of their brief stay in North Devon.
To provide a bedroom for the student’s exclusive use.
To tell us if you have any other language students, and not to host another Spanish speaking student at the same time.
On those occasions when the student ́s command of the language is not good enough to ensure a proper communication with their hosts, IB-ex advises two students to share the company of another student so that communication can flow more easily between both students and their host family.
To provide full board and lodging – including a packed lunch every weekday.
To organize a weekly “ family day”
To keep a permanent communication with the Ib-Ex organizers
To collect your student on the day that they arrive (in Barnstaple) and to deliver your student to the coaches for the return trip.
A warming family atmosphere conducive to communication with their students.
You can expect us to:
To offer a high standard of service and support. We have several supervisors whose sole job is to look after the students and the Spanish organiser of iBEX comes over and stays in Bideford. You can contact someone from iBEX 24 hours a day, and we promise never to leave you to cope on your own. Since we are such a small organisation, we know many of the students and their families personally.
Riiupw F. Afrass
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Re: About Hosting

Postby Zaiya Mariya » July 1st, 2020, 4:59 am

Even though it is temporary accommodation for the students these services provide him a lot of advantages. You can see what are the facilities that are provided by the host family. pasadena nursing home To us, it is the real kind of interest to part of it.
Zaiya Mariya
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Re: About Hosting

Postby Addas F. Addas » July 2nd, 2020, 6:38 pm

Students need not only hosting for a physical living but also online space for their projects. And before you buy hosting from a reliable provider http://en.dignusdata.com/, you may try to use free hosting alternatives. But the providers do not simply give their services for free. It is a kind of barter. You place your Internet site on the host, and then the host places its (or someone else's) advertising on your website.
Addas F. Addas
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