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Study Tips: Learn the Strategies that Set Top Students Apart

Study Tips: Learn the Strategies that Set Top Students Apart

Postby Jamess Johnnson, III » May 8th, 2020, 6:32 am


It's boring, isn't it?

You see them in every class. Students who seem to get through.

Coldly kill one test after another.

How do they do it?

Is it something you can master?

Yes, it is. You see, scientists have been spying on these top students for decades.

It is not magic. Students who get good grades simply use essential learning skills and strategies with leadership essay.

One study found that a key set of learning strategies explained 90% of the variance in GPA in high school. And 48% in the results of standardized tests.

Professor Barry Zimmerman of CUNY and Anastasia Kitsantas of George Mason University have published their results on academic results in the psychology of contemporary education.

So what exactly are these top students doing?

Those who have really mastered the art of learning?

Zimmerman and his colleagues have been chasing these questions for over 30 years.

In a 1986 study, they found that high achievers used 13 learning strategies more frequently than lower achievers. The secrets of these master students have been revealed.

A few years later, Professor Paul Pintrich and his team presented the questionnaire on motivated strategies for learning.

It built on previous work and revealed some more critical study strategies. And it was the main measuring instrument used in the Zimmerman and Kitsantas study.

For this position, I went through the research to highlight the tactics, procedures, and attitudes to study that distinguish these very successful people.

Here are 21 study tips released by these master's students to help you get the most out of your studies and improve your grades.

Study tips 1: focus on mastery

Learning is important.

It doesn't stop at high school or college. You will do it all your life.

In a rapidly changing world, learning is survival. The better you learn to learn new things, the more powerful you become.

For each class, you take, try to grab the material as deeply as possible. Push yourself to learn new topics, even if they seem really difficult at first.

Try to become a better learner than you currently are.

Study Tips 2: Find the Value for You

It's common to complain that you don't learn anything useful or relevant to the school. That the subject is simply not important.

Of course, it would be nice if teachers did more to highlight the applications of the subjects they cover. Still, it's also easy to dismiss everything they say because it doesn't concern you.

The best students start from the idea that there is value and then try to understand what it is.

You can brainstorm or search the web for phrases like What is an X application? How does X get used to it? Answer for yourself: How is this relevant to my life?

Study Tips 3: Take charge of your learning

It's rough.

School can make you feel like you have no control.

Of course, you will have more to say about what you study as you advance through the levels. You can also start taking charge now by controlling how you learn.

Use the lesson plan and the teacher's homework as a starting point. A guide to what you need to know. Then set your own agenda to bring it down.

Taking control of your learning is the beginning to rule your world. Own it.

Study Tips 4: Develop your skills and gain confidence

Do you think you can get rights? Do you think you can master any subject?

Believing in your abilities really helps you to push and learn something new.

Your confidence can easily build up if you often hear how smart you are. But this confidence is unstable. Loses itself easily.

To build lasting trust, you need to show that you can.

So choose one thing. Learn it deeply. See how you do it. Rinse and repeat. Over time, you will see that you can really learn something new.

Study Tips 5: Think Critically About What You Learn

Do you feel like you are supposed to swallow everything your teachers tell you in one sip? And then regurgitate for the test?

Well, you don't have to consume your lessons this way.

You can approach learning like a master chef. Slice and dice the ideas. Chew them in small pieces.
Jamess Johnnson, III
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Re: Study Tips: Learn the Strategies that Set Top Students A

Postby Liam K. Lee » May 17th, 2020, 1:32 am

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Liam K. Lee
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Re: Study Tips: Learn the Strategies that Set Top Students A

Postby Zaiya Mariya » June 2nd, 2020, 6:27 am

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Zaiya Mariya
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Re: Study Tips: Learn the Strategies that Set Top Students A

Postby Francisco Reese » June 7th, 2020, 7:33 am

It is awesome post on study tips which is helpful for student and like about learning skill that gives us more learn anything in small time
Francisco Reese
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Re: Study Tips: Learn the Strategies that Set Top Students A

Postby Natalie J. Wood, IV » June 17th, 2020, 10:56 am

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Natalie J. Wood, IV
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